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Puppies and Rainbows

The past twelve months have been difficult on us all. No one was prepared for the pandemic the world has struggled to deal with. Staying at home, isolation, missing friends and family, substituting Zoom meetings for everything from class time, work from home, meetings, and even happy hour get togethers. As a hospice nurse, I am used to being independent and working out of my car, but COVID has made it so we rarely see one another, unless from a computer screen meeting or a rare joint visit. It has now been twelve months of masking, decontamination routines at the back of my car, rushing into the shower once home before giving the “I’m home” kiss to my husband, and the hardest on us all, being unable to physically comfort the hospice members of our people who are dying. There were many times when I wanted to pen my thoughts, but the one consistent thing of 2020 was complete and utter exhaustion accompanied simply by an inability to muster the energy. Inequities, violence, intolerance of

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